About Pricedepot

At Pricedepot.com, we strive to provide hundreds of quality products for our customers at the best prices possible. We make every effort to provide the best solutions for a healthier home & office. We specialize in professional quality TV and display mounts, sit-stand workstations, space management products, fitness products and more. If you are interested in partnering with Pricedepot.com on sales and marketing opportunities, please contact us!

Why Choose Pricedepot?

  • Professional customer service and technical assistance.
  • Easy and secure online shopping.
  • We maintain a great partnership with FedEx, UPS & USPS to ensure a fast delivery.
  • Our two large, modern warehouses located in Fremont, CA and Memphis, TN provide affordable and accelerated shipping.
  • Featuring Loctek®, Fleximounts®, Fitleader® as the central brands within the Pricedepot portfolio.

We are caplable of getting your order delivered within 3 days at most due to the two warehouses.

Photos Of Pricedepot

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    West Coast Warehouse at Livermore, CA
  • 300x200
    South Eastern US Warehouse at Memphis, TN
  • 300x200
    Head office at Fremont, CA

We are located in Livermore, California. We welcome you to visit us! For a quick and easy answer to any of your questions you can E-mail it to us by clicking here, We will respond within a business day. or you can call our toll-free helpline at 510-257-6000.