Smart workers are integrating a complete wellness approach to their workday. To get the right balance, you should sit 40 minutes out of every work hour, stand for 16 minutes and move around for at least 4 minutes. Our Wellness Workspace integrates three separate ways to add more movement into your day.

Support a better posture

The ergonomic monitor mount enable users to maintain neutral position of their shoulders, neck and back by allowing them to position their computer screen in the perfect location and angle for their height and the type of task they are performing.


Enable effortless sit- stand work style

The height adjustable desk provides an easy way to squeeze more vertical time into your day. It seamlessly transitions your desk between sitting and standing. The digital control panel manages a quiet, fast and seamless adjustment with just a touch.


Balance your work and workout

To add even more movement into your workday, simply roll the bike under your standing desk and begin pedaling. The bike is completely silent, and it’s easy to work while spinning. The deskside bike offers a satisfying light exercise without making you sweat or distracting you from work.

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Get smart about your working lifestyle. Create a wellness workspace today!

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