Eggciting Easter Deals

Trivia: The Easter bunny is never mentioned in the bible. But it’s associated with the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, representing spring and new beginnings

Eighth-century England once called April “Eostrumonath” or Eostre Month. The Venerable Bede noted this in 731 C.E., saying the Christian celebrations of Jesus Christ’s resurrection assimilated one of the Eostre-named spring pagan festivals.

The holiday’s name? An old, non-biblical German and English word: Easter.

Culminating Holy Week, Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus’ victory over death on the cross. It falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the ecclesiastical spring equinox.

Holy Week begins on “Palm Sunday,” followed by “Great Monday,” “Fig Tuesday,” “Spy Wednesday,” “Maundy Thursday,” “Good Friday,” and “Black Saturday.” Christ rises from the dead on Easter Sunday.

Like Easter, make any setup more glorious than ever with the right equipment. Good news — it won’t cost a fortune so any space would look good, even on a budget.

FYC Clear PVC Desk Chair Mat

Every setup needs a great office chair. It provides better ergonomics, avoiding common office injuries like lower back pain, neck strain, and repetitive strain injury.

But every office chair requires a great floor mat. FYC’s clear PVC desk and chair mat prevent slips and scuffs on any floor.

Floors remain scratchless thanks to its grippy, anti-slip PVC. Chairs will roll around less, preventing accidents from happening. It keeps the floor underneath free of dust, which can be an eyesore once it accumulates.

The mat is odorless and is free of harmful toxins, such as BPA or polyvinyl chloride. It’s easy on the pocket, at $29.99, and takes minutes to set up.

Uihasn 360 Degree Rotation Night Light

Lighting affects how people work, play, and learn. Warmer light at 2,000 K gives a comforting and relaxing ambiance. On the other hand, cooler light at 5,000 K above improves alertness, mood, and productivity. It even reduces fatigue by reducing melatonin count.

There are 16 ways to relax with Uihasn’s 360-degree rotating night light. It has four light modes — Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth — that will spice up any room.

The light uses aluminum with a flexible lamp tube that sets the shape and size of the sunset. It illuminates at any angle with a 360-degree field of illumination.

For $18.99, it’s possible to create a great atmosphere, especially in the bedroom. One of the best cheap products that make any room more interesting.

Uihasn 3-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Uihasn is not just a mood setter. It also improves productivity with its mounted ceiling light that can reach up to 5,000 K.

Like its rotating night light, Uihasn gives users the ability to change lighting and color temperature at a whim.

The ceiling light promises zero headaches. Unlike other cheap products, it includes all the tools needed for installation. LED, incandescent, and CFL bulbs are compatible as long as they have an E26 base.

Even though the ceiling light isn’t in use, its rustic theme is a mood setter all on its own. It may look expensive with its iron lampshades and geometric shapes, but it’s always approachable at $35.99 (especially during sales).