How to Better Work from Home

There are numerous life-changing experiences. Winning the lottery, buying a new car, and getting married are just some of them.

One of the most popular ones nowadays is transitioning into a virtual work setup. Most probably, you won’t know what to expect with the jump. There are plenty of horror stories surrounding online work — lack of productivity, neglecting work, going AWOL, faulty equipment and internet, etc. — but don’t worry!

There are two things about going digital that most nine-to-fives can never replicate: working from home and being with the family.

Working from home

No need to travel to work anymore because you’re already there. Your workspace is just a couple of steps away. You’ll save time and money, which you can use at work and be productive.

You’re not the only one benefiting from a virtual setup. Companies can also save up on electricity and rent, which is good for the environment.

Some employers even give employees the necessary tools for work. If you’re lucky, your company would ship them to you or send an allowance for them. Either option is great.

Being with the family

With everyone staying at home, the family has more time to spend together. Parents can now take their lunch with the kids instead of dropping them off at school. Kids have all the support and resources available because their house is the new school.

The time they save is converted into quality family time. They can immediately unwind with their favorite TV show or game after a long meeting or grueling exam. They can share food they've ordered online during breaks.

Working and studying from home is convenient. However, facing the computer for most of the day can be uncomfortable. A great ergonomic chair keeps the spine healthy and happy. It will also increase productivity, accomplishing tasks faster.

Kasorix Big and Tall Leather Executive Chair

Work, play, and study on Kasorix’s ergonomic chair without feeling any discomfort. Its wide overstuffed headrest and padded armrests keep the body relaxed during long sitting hours.

Kasorix’s executive chair is all about comfort. It’s made from high-quality leather and comes with a built-in retractable footrest. Having a teleconference, watching a movie, or playing a game become more immersive

This executive chair is all about comfort. Collaborating with others or watching content during lunch break become more immersive with the chair’s built-in retractable footrest.

Sit at a variety of angles with the chair’s adjustable backrest. An angle-adjusting lever at the side can lock and unlock the seating position from 90 to 135 degrees in an instant.

Kasorix’s chair rocks, literally. It can be tightened or loosened using a rocking pressure adjustor underneath the seat. Anyone can use it — the chair can carry up to 300 pounds and swivel 360 degrees effortlessly.

This ergonomic chair isn’t just good for your health. It also makes your work and stays at home the most comfortable experience ever. Your back will thank you for it.