How to Re-Decor Your Office for under $100

Redecorating a home or office space is a fun challenge. From plan to floor plan, it’s an activity that requires you to spend time and energy on. To never miss a beat, list down everything you need and whatever comes to mind regarding your space.

Maybe your office lacks a certain type of furniture or you need a replacement/upgrade. Or you want to copy the aesthetic of a house you saw on your favorite TV show. Have a set of features or qualities you wish to have by this redecoration.

PriceDepot can provide such a much-needed upgrade and it won’t cost more than $100.

SMUG Tall Office Mesh Chair

Since COVID-19, working remotely has become a real trend. Sitting in front of screens and indulging in Zoom, email, and all types of programs, sheets, and presentations for a long time make the comfort of office furniture really important.

SMUG Tall Office Mesh Chair is one of those. With the flick of its pneumatic handle, it can change seating height and go into two modes: recline and rock. You can lie back or tilt on a dime, always in an ergonomic position.

The chair is comfortable in any space. It has a padded, open-mesh design made from a thick sponge and mesh cloth that provides ample ventilation to the back. Its next-level breathability keeps your lower body cool at all times.

SMUG’s mesh chair isn’t just comfortable. It’s also built like a tank, supporting up to 250 lbs. You can glide effortlessly and swivel in any room with its silent PU casters. These features are usually reserved for expensive gaming chairs, not the ones that cost less than $100.

GreatLight Black Metal Table For Bedroom Office Living Lamp

Illumination is also important. GreatLight Black Metal Table For Bedroom Office Living Lamp has been designed simple that can be easy to use and match any room aesthetic.

Proper lighting is just a tap away with three brightness modes — low, medium, and high — located at the base of the lamp. The light can be rotated at 330°, giving any room a desirable ambiance.

For less than $100, GreatLight’s lamp has a very throwback vibe. Its matte black & brass gold finish and metallic tubular body and base are a real conversation starter. Its antique look may seem to be difficult to put together, but it’s not. The lamp comes with all the necessary tools and an LED bulb, backed by a one-year limited AmazonBasics warranty. Assembly only takes a few moments.

Great lighting is all about illuminating a space well. This lamp does more than that by improving the user’s experience with its intuitive touch interface. Even when the lamp is turned off, the room still looks good thanks to its antique design.

Orford Fabric Spacious Storage Dresser

A good night’s sleep wouldn’t be possible if the bedroom is messy. Sleeping less isn’t healthy and affects focus, impacting productivity the next day. Remove the clutter for the best sleep ever with this spacious storage dresser from Orford.

The nightstand features two large fabric drawers with water-resistant hardwood underneath. A 8.3”H × 15.7” W × 15.7” D size ensures a spacious room, so keeping accessories, toiletries, clothes, toys, and personal documents won’t be a problem. Its arch handles make accessing both drawers a breeze.

Place a lamp, a bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, eyeglasses, wireless chargers, and other personal items effortlessly on the Orford. It also has a water-resistant hardwood top that can carry a lot of weight, supported by a sturdy steel frame. Comes with adjustable plastic feet to make the Orford easy to move around without scuffing floors.

The storage dresser comes in either brown or gray. These two colors go with most every style or color. Its simple and classy look is easy to match with any room aesthetic. Perfect in any bedroom, nursery, or playroom.

Keep any room tidy and sightly for less than $100 with an Orford Fabric Spacious Storage Dresser. As a storage solution, it fits the bill with roomy drawers that can safely tuck away everything you use before bed or everything you want out of sight to keep your room clean. It’s easy to clean and quaint — a refreshing addition to any room.