How to Exercise Safely at Home during Pandemic

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adults 18 to 64 years old are recommended to have 75 – 150 minutes of intense-vigorous & 150 – 300 minutes of intense-moderate aerobic physical activity every week.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. But this was difficult for people when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With everyone staying indoors, physical activity was reduced by 32.3%. Mental health was also affected, with symptoms of anxiety and depression linked to self-isolation and quarantine.

COVID-19 changed everyone’s lifestyle. People started working from home and became accustomed to not going out. Social gatherings were put on hold and many establishments were closed to curb the spread of the virus.

When everyone’s working at home, you get an abundance of free time. With lifestyles changed accordingly, including how you do exercise. The main goal of working out is not to achieve results as fast as possible, but to build up a healthy body slowly. This is only possible by approaching workouts with a positive attitude.

The pandemic is slowly winding down and things are starting to look up. It’s about time to revisit physical fitness by going back to square one.

Take it slow with walking and bodyweight exercises. Once mastered, learn how to lift weights and use other gym equipment. Going up the ladder will slowly build muscle and tone the body.

Don’t be afraid to try different types of physical activities. It will make each workout session more interesting because of variation. The goal is to find your favorite way to workout, specifically activities that strengthen mentally and physically. And you can simply do it at home.

The essence of finding your way is in fact to find suitable workout equipment. Go up in scale only when the budget and the body are ready. FYC’s under-desk treadmill is a great place to start for these three reasons.

Safety Goes First

Smaller than a traditional treadmill, FYC Under Desk 2.5HP Slim Walking Treadmill is big on features that matter to you at a fraction of the cost. The treadmill may not totally eliminate the need to go to the gym. But with one accessible at home, they can perform other workouts and use other equipment at the gym. Its speed from 0.5 to 4 mph can be adjusted by simply pushing the button on its remote. It’s great for you if you just start to work out and are intimidated by big gym equipment.

The treadmill is a good companion. The LED screen on the front side of the running belt displays the calories you burned, the distance you walk or run and the time you spent on it, and some adjustable settings like speed, steep, and exercise measurements like heartbeat rate. It can definitely connect to your Apple watch and other tracking devices.

Knee or ankle injuries are easily made by running, which can be avoided by its 15” x 41.3” running belt. The belt can hold up to 265 lbs and is great to absorb shocks and ensure your safety at any speed.

Designed to Save Space

Traditional treadmills take up a lot of space. It can be frustrating to set up a treadmill, especially in a small space where everything has to be arranged strategically.

With this treadmill, power was never sacrificed just to achieve its subtle and sleek look. It just became small enough that it would literally fit into any space, whether it’s a home office or even traditional offices.

Fortunately, FYC designed its treadmill to take up as little space as possible. It can fit under a work desk and can be folded, which helps to save space and time to rearrange every time before and after using it.

Support Multitask and Socialization

No matter how hectic the user’s schedule might be, a quick workout will always be possible since the FYC treadmill supports multitasking. You can read or watch films or do anything you are comfortable with while running a 5-km or jogging. No one would notice a treadmill running when you are in a Zoom meeting/class because it’s equipped with a low-noise, 2.5-hp motor. You won’t look like they’re brisk walking on a video call. Or sound like they’re on the treadmill while attending an important meeting.

Once done, the treadmill can be stored under the bed or propped up against the wall. It won’t disrupt other people in the room who may be on a conference call or writing an important work report.

And you won’t feel isolated when working or staying at home because the treadmill also helps you keep your socialization. You can share your fitness stats using the Fit Show app with anyone you want to connect with.