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Vinchome Full-Length Lighted Mirror

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GD Mirror 3015USD
  • Infrared Sensor Swith
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • High Definition Mirror
  • Energy Saving & Waterproof
  • Modern Style Design

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Infrared Sensor Swith

Intelligent infrared sensor switch, flexible and accurate grasp of human movement, easy to use touch-free, always keep the mirror clean without fingerprint residue.
Infrared Sensor Swith
Brightness Adjustment

Brightness Adjustment

Put your hand on the induction switch for some time can be adjusted to different brightness, each brightness suitable for a different atmosphere.

High Definition Mirror

The whole body mirror surface is treated with anti-rust, no oxidation and rust. Five-layer mirror coating for higher definition imaging.
High Definition Mirror
Modern Style Design

Modern Style Design

large size 59" x 20" LED light-emitting mirror, simple and stylish style, the unique design of light-emitting and backlighting strip around to bring you a different lighting experience.

Brand Vinchome
Material Silver
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Item Dimensions 59in x 19.7in x 2in
Shape Rectangular
Control Mode Infrared sensor
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