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Loctek U2 Fitness Under Desk Magnetic Recumbent Bike

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  • P4S
    Elegance combined with quality! I am really enjoying this TV cart! The cart arrived super fast and I couldn't wait to take it out. I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to assemble so I did wait for my husband to get home. I now know that I could have easily assembled it myself! We had just gotten a new 40" flat screen TV to replace the monster console television we had and I needed something to put the new tv on. This tv cart from Loctek is perfect! The instructions were well written and easy to follow. My husband had it together and watching tv in less than 30 minutes, more around 20. The stainless steel finish is just beautiful and you can feel the quality when removing each piece from the box! This isn't some cheap, flimsy tv cart but a very sturdy elegant tv cart! I love the built-in cable management system although some of my cords wouldn't go into it simply because they weren't long enough and that is not the products fault. Another great feature that I found especially appealing was the shelf! The shelf is a beautiful black with a stainless steel circle in the center giving it a nice touch. With the quality of the stainless steel used to hold the shelf, I don't think you'll have anything heavy enough to break it! Since space was a factor the ability to adjust the tv cart was much needed and moving the tv up or down couldn't be easier! To move it all you have to do is loosen the screws slightly, slide to the desired height and then tighten the screws back, you all set! The caster wheel makes it glide across the floor, I tested it throughout various rooms in my home that were not carpeted and the tv never wobbled or waivered and the cart flowed with ease! We have thick carpet so I can't recommend the mobility part when it comes to carpet. Not gliding on the thick carpet in no way takes away from the quality, elegance, and stability of this tv cart. If I could change anything about the tv cart, the only change I would make is a second shelf since most people have more than one electronic attached to their tv but that doesn't take away from how much I love this tv cart. This would be a great tv cart for churches, conference rooms, hotels and even in the home since the style can fit many areas. It is so easy to assemble and disassemble making it portable. Maybe your having a family reunion and would love to have pictures/videos playing then this tv cart would be perfect. My friend recently passed and this tv cart would have made playing her video so much simpler than us having to try and find something suitable to sit the tv onto. There are so many venues this tv cart could be used for that the list would be much too long to list, lol. From the home to the office, church, gathering etc, this tv cart will give you years of enjoyment! We had friends over this weekend and without saying anything about having a new tv cart, they noticed it and loved it! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tv cart to anyone wanting a quality yet elegant tv cart. With the precision and workmanship Loctek put into this tv cart I would love to see what they produced in home furnishings! I would be a customer! I was provided a discount or sample of the product for my honest unbiased review. I test each and every product I review. Good or bad, my opinions are from my own experiences with the product and may not always be the same as another person however they are never influenced in any way.
  • M2
    I ever had a standing desk before bought from Amazon, but obviouly, this one is much better comparing to the former one.
  • M2
    Pro: 1. Stable, no shaking while typing even in standing mode 2. Easy adjustment, just squeeze the handle bar 3. Wide surface Con: The height of the keyboard tray cannot be adjusted
  • M2
    Very satisfied
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